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2014-06-20 15:09:29 by joefextion

What's up folks, sorry more additional edition has occured during this process. If you know flash you know that most times it gets very sensitive towards certain files type, and that's whats been happening. Alot of photoshop work is going on now in the process, and yet research. HEY I AM GLADLY TO TAKE ANY OPEN IDEAS ON THE SUBZERO VS SCORPION SCENARIO IF ANY OF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE AND BE SURE TO SHOUT YOU OUT.


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2014-07-30 22:56:08

If theres a scorpion and sub zero confrontation you should have two versions of sub zero( like mk2 and mk3 versions) and have them be the actual brothers. I said these versions because they are actually brothers because the mk2 version is the older brother Bi Han and the mk3 version is kuai liang. Have the older brother get killed by scorpion in the 2 on 1 fight between the three. Then later have a 3 way fight between the mk3 sub zero noob saibot and scorpion. Noob should kill scorpion because no one would expect it. Then have the brothers fight each other noob vs sub and have dialogue between the two during the fight. Then have sub win the fight but he spares noob. and when sub turns around have noob kill him to surprise people again.

joefextion responds:

Sounds nice man! If animating was easy I would go back and arrange your thoughts in the video. Might not be to late for me to implement some of that though.